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Weight Loss Consultation and Plan 

Total Cost  $160.00

 This consulation will be an indepth look at past attempts at weight loss , food sensitivites, taste preferences, blood work and negative eating patterns,    We will talk about struggles with emotional eating, gut issues, sugar addictions and lifestyle habits.   A plan will be created that will  detox your body from sugar,   and factor in all of the  obbstacles that typically keep you  from being successful with weight loss.     

Naturopathic Consultations

Total Cost   $ 160.00

During your initial appointment a complete health history is documented and the focus is on finding the root cause of your symptoms, and conditions.   Diet changes are discussed and a personalized  plan will be created  on the steps needed to take toward your health goals.  Recommendations on where to start using herbs, diet, nutrition, supplements and more wil also be discussed (if applicable) 

Nutritional Therapy Consultations  " FOOD AS MEDICINE

Total Cost   $ 125.00 

Do you have health condiitons that require nutrition adjsutments or bloodlabs that need to be improved?  In this consultation, we will work through an indepth intake to find the root causes of the health concern.  A whole food nutrition plan witll be created based on your health concerns, blood labs, insulin resistance and  lifestyle.    We will also focus on  helping  you work  toward minimizing the need for  prescription medications.

Diabetes Management Consultation

Total Cost   $ 125.00

Nutrition and naturopathy come together to help the client work toward reversing  their current stage of Diabetes.    A simple nutrition plan will be customized  to your needs to stablize blood sugar levels, along with  helping you transition into a sustainable lifestyle.   Our goal will also be to help you minimize the need for medications and improving AIC.  

Gut Healing & Repair

Total Cost    $125.00   

If you are struggling with gut issues, (bloating, distended belly, gas, pain) 
An unhealhty gut is one of the root causes to disease development in the body..  In this consultation, we will determine the root cause of the  digestive concerns and a plan will be created that will factor in nutriton, naturopathy and lifestyle adjustments. The  goal will be  to heal and repair the gut and build gut -friendly foods back into a sustainable lifestyle.  Clients suffereing with conditions such as:  IBS, Leaky Gut, parasites etc - we will focus on heal and reversing the condition.

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