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Naturopathic Doctor serving Lockport, IL 60441

Lori Mahler, CNHP, NTP, CNS

Lori's mission is to guide and empower people to get to the root cause of their health issues and heal from within.  Up until the age of 32, she struggled with weight issues and reached her highest weight at 220.   This led to correlating health issues and a diagnosis of lupus, prediabetes and high blood pressure.  After being told she would need to be on medications for the rest of her life, she decided to search for alternative ways to heal her body and lose weight.  Through her own experience and education, she has remained medicine free and has maintained her ideal weight for the last 15 years.  This is why she has created her personalized Naturopathic Weight Loss & Holistic plans with the focus on naturopathy. She understands achieving ultimate health is a unique process for each person.



Nutritional Therapy Association

Trinity School of Natural Health

Scholistico Holistic Health & Wellness



Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Scholistico Certified Naturopathic Practitioner

Mind Body Integration Specialist

Certified Natural Health Practitioner




Institute of Integrative Nutrition Wellness Advisor, 2018

Food Is Medicine Symposium, 2018

Holistic Counseling, 2019

Holistic Weight Loss Conference, 2020

Food is Medicine Symposium- 2021

Digestive Wellness & Nutritional Therapy Symposium 2022

Natural Health Practitioner Training 2023

Healing Arts Symposium Portland Oregon, 2024

Digestive Healing Conference February 2024

Holistic Health, Mind Body Healing Seminar march 2024

My Background

I am a Functional Medicine Practitioner & Naturopathic Doctor. I am a graduate of Portland Oregon University with a B.A In Public Health & Wellness,  Natural University of Health Sciences, & received certification as Certifiied Natural Health Care Practioner from Trinity School of Herbal Studies.  I specialize in weight loss,  and digestive orders.   I created my company,

Womens Tru Health, as a platform for people to have the place to go to find the natural solutions they need to achieve their ultimate health goals.  My mission is to teach clients

how to take charge of their body and minimize the need for prescription mediciations so

they can live their best life.

My Before & After Pictures

I struggled with weight issues for most of my life. Looking at my pictures today, I remember the disgust and despair I felt about myself when I could not lose the weight. I felt trapped in my body and emotional eating was a huge problem.  The picture of me at the weight of 220-    I was feeling embarrassed in that picture because there were several family members who had not seen me in a while.

That day was my defining moment and the day I made the decision to make the necessary changes to my health. Now, I get to teach people how to lose weight and take charge of their health.

Picture of before weight at 220
Naturopathic Doctor serving Lockport, IL 60441

At 180 pounds Age 29

At 138 pounds  Age 44

At 220 pounds Age 32

Kristi Alsip
Weight loss and Wellness Coach

Hi there, my name is Kristi, and I'm excited to share a little about myself.

I've lived through obesity struggles and finally figured out a combination of behaviors that helped light a fire under my metabolism during my mid-life!

I believe the path to true wellness is about eating right and exercising, and cultivating a positive and healthy mindset. That's why I strive to create a collaborative approach with my clients to achieve their wellness goals together.

If you've been struggling with weight loss and gain, emotional eating, cravings for carbs and sugar, digestive issues, self-sabotage, or body image concerns, I can help.

Together, we'll work to develop a personalized plan that takes into account your unique preferences and lifestyle. 

Health Coach serving Lockport, IL 60441 and virtual services

Kristi's Background

I've spent 10 years as a Weight Loss and Wellness Coach, helping people like you conquer their health goals.


With a BA in Human Services and a personal experience with obesity struggles, I know firsthand how challenging it can be to maintain a healthy weight and a balanced lifestyle. That's why I've dedicated myself to helping others find a path to wellness that works for them.

I'm down-to-earth and positive, and I genuinely believe we can all achieve our wellness goals. Whether you are just starting or journey or have been struggling for years, I'm here to help you succeed.

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