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Structure, Accountabilty, Knowledge & Support


                                   6 Week Transformation

                                Signature Program


 The 6 Week Transformation is meant to be the game changer for clients who have tried everything but cannot lose and maintain weight. Designed to solve your unique challenges that continually keep you from achieving success. 

• Personalized nutrition plan.

- Nutrition counseling to provide accountabillity, structure and natural health education

- Whole food recipes based on your taste preferences and food sensitivities


-   Eat carbs while losing weight

.   Read and understand food labels

•   Stop emotional eating cycles (anxiety, boredom, stress)

•   Have cheat meals

•   Maintain your weight loss

•   Carb threshold

.   Build a good relationship to food

.   Learn how to "listen " to your body.

 Learn how to lose weigh while you:

.    Eat at restaurants

.    Traveling/ vacations

.    Incorporate Alcohol

Customized to your lifestyle, work life and family needs.

Average weight loss women 15-25 pounds

Average weight loss Men  25-35- pounds

Total Cost $375.00

Girl smiling looking in mirror with thumgs up sign holding jeans that are too big from weight loss

              10 Week Total Body Makeover

• Personalized nutrition plan

- Nutrition counseling - support, structure, accountability and education

• Quick meals & recipes

• Weekly recipes based on your taste preferences & food sensitivities.

• Nutrition & gut assessments

• Emotional eating strategies

• Nutrition education • Shopping guidance - label reading

. Cheat meal practice.

• Carb threshold testing

• Exercise guidance.

• Daily support via text & email

• Learn how to maintain.

Weekly weight in

Before an after pictures on my website ( if you choose)


This plan contains all the 6-week program plus 4 additional weeks of work with cheat meals, alcohol, and social events. The goal is to make sure you feel confident to either continue on your own or feel 100% confident that you can maintain the weight loss.   Additional focus on understanding your triggers, listening to your body emotional eating (boredom, anxiety, stress). Average weight loss 25-35 pounds easy.

If you achieve your goal at the end of this progam you will receive a 25 gift card of your choice and discount coupons for hair salon appointment,  manicure or massage!

Average Weight Loss

Women- 20 - 35

Men        25-40

Total Cost $495.00

Girl standing on a scale smiling and happily surprised at her weight loss


                Weight loss and Healthy Lifestyle


For those with a significant amount of weight to lose. This program includes:

• Nutrition Consultations to keep you on track/ structure/ accountability. 

• Daily support via text and email 

• Healthy Pantry Makeover

• Shopping guidance

• Nutrition education

• Social event support - restaurants, alcohol, &carbs

• Total body detox recommendations

• Learn how to maintain

• Weekly recipes based on taste preferences and food sensitivities.

• Nutrition assessment

• Carb threshold testing for weight loss& maintenance.

.  Weekly weight checks.


This plan is ideal for clients who have 30 or more pounds to lose. It is an extension of the 10-week program with more focus on the following. Nutrition education. Learning how to manage social events. Incorporating exercise and learning how to fuel your body for lean muscle mass. Incorporating cheat meals, Testing your carb threshold. Working toward improving blood work (if applicable) Maintenance You will learn how and what to eat for your body, how to navigate daily life with social events, temptations. If you have specific health concerns, the nutrition plan will be customized to keep you on track for weight loss. We will also focus on improving blood work labs. (if applicable).

If you reach your goal you will receive 2 30minute maintenance checks in to use at ay time in the future!

Average weight loss:

Men         35- 55

Women  30- 45 pounds

Total Cost $525..00
or 2 pay option

Gitl holding up her arms standing on a scale excited that she has reached her goal weight



For those with a significant amount of weight to lose. This program includes the full 3-month program with the additional months to focus on what is important to the client to ensure they feel confident about maintaining their weight loss lifelong weight management.


• Twenty-four 30-minute appointments (available in person, virtual or phone)

• Daily support via email or text.

Additional focus on maintaining the weight loss, practice with cheat meals.

Building a good relationship with food.

 Weekly weight checks


Average weight loss 60-75 pounds


                     CREATE YOUR NEW LIFE

Total Cost  $995.00
0r 4 pay option



•  Personalized meal plan for each spouse

•  Quick meals & recipes based on food sensitivities & taste preferences

•  Guidance on adapting meals into a busy work and family life

•  Healthy Pantry Makeover

•  Shopping guidance

.  Nutrition assessment for each individual

.  Healthy snacks/ recipes for children

•  Learn how to function at social events (carbs alcohol) but stay on track

    for weight loss

 . Learn how to travel, eat at restaurants and stay on track for weight loss

•  Daily support via email

•  Natural health and nutrition education throughout the program.


Average weight loss for men   20- 35 pounds

Average Weight Loss  for women 15 - 25  pounds

  • Total Cost  $ 375.00

If each spouse reaches their goal weight or within 65 pounds of the goal weight set at the begining of the program you will receive 2 30 minute follow up appointments to ensure you are maintaining and staying on track with your new healthy lifestyle. You may use the consults at any time in te future.

             Inbody Metabolic Scan
                New in our Lockport Location!

Weight loss can be a frustrating experience and I understand the importance of having a strong support system.  What may work for one person may not work for another.  You may do the same eating and exercise routine for a while, and suddenly stops working or what may seem to work for a few weeks may result in a major plateau.   Our bodies are well oiled machines, and they are constantly evolving and changing.


As we age the metabolism changes and eating the right fuel for body is different for everyone.  No matter how well educated you may be, losing weight on your own can be extremely hard.  All of the weight loss plans will include support, and provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to achieve your goals.

Inbody Metablic Analyze test body mass index, musce mass, water calorie level

The InBody Scale is a machine that measures body composition through a method called bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA). The BIA method sends a small alternating current through the body that allows for highly accurate measurements of a person's body fat as well as water, lean mass, overall weight, and visceral fat.

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