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Dr. Lori Mahler

Naturopathic Doctor,  Consultant

Specializing in Digestive Health & Weight Loss


Signature Programs



Womens Tru Health is a platform for women to achieve their most important health goals.   The 6 weeks will address key areas of wellness: weight loss, negative eating patterns, emotional eating ( boredom, stress, anxiety, binge)  hormone balance, nutrient deficiencies, lifestyle habits, sugar addiction, exercise habits and more. The six week program will reset your body, meet you where you are at, and help you conqueor the obstacles that keep you from achieving optimal health. 

Men's Tru Health platform is a customized plan and will focus on the aspects of health and welll-being.  Whether it is to improve blood labs, learn how to balance work and healthy lifestyle,  manage cardiovascular disease, diabetes,  obesity, high blood pressure, cholestserol,  or prostate concerns.  The 6 week program will be designed to meet your exact needs to ensure that you see and feel results.

Typical weight loss

Women  15-25 pounds

Men       20-35 pounds

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6 Week Transformation

Let's get to the root cause of the health problems so you can start feeling better and enjoy your life.

Naturopathic & Holistic Nutrition Approach

Are you struggling with gas, bloating or  sugar addictions and feel as though you have tried everything but cannot lose weight?   Read more Gut Repair & Weight Loss

Do you or your spouse eat healthy but the other does not and it is difficult to blend the two lifestyles together?  Read more Couples Transformation


Do you have diabetes or are concerned about how to manage blood sugar and reverse your condition naturally? Read more Diabetes Program 


Are you 30 or more pounds overweight and want to learn how to lose weight and maintain it? 

Read more 3 Month Change Your Life Program. 

If you notice that as you age you seem to gain belly fat very quickly or feel as though you are constantly addicted to sugar and carbs? Read more Hormone Balancing & Weight Loss

Do you struggle with gut issues or have beem diagnosed with IBS, parasites, dysbiosis, IBD, diverticulitis, SIBO  or you suspect you have leaky gut syndrome?  Read more Gut Repair and healthy lifestyle


Whatever the health concern, our programs are customzed to address the root causes and equip you with all of the tools and knowledge you need to achieve your health goals. 


What is the benefit to doing a program?   Programs are meant to be concentrated periods of time that are structured to target specific health conditions, weight loss or chronic illness.  This allows me the time to monitor, educate and provide you with the structure, knowledge and daily support you need to acheive your goals.  As we age, sometimes mainstream medicine cannot provide us with the healthcare and answers we need and this is where naturopathic medicine is at it's very best. New research, current research and natural healthcare to help you take the next steps to dig deeper to get the answers that you need.


Girl in counseling session with functional medicine & naturopathic physician holding coffe cup

Naturopathic Consultations
On  your first visit, we will talk aboout your desired health goals and desired outcomes. This may mean getting a particular health condiiton under control  or simply helping you feel more engergetic and healthier all around. A detailed health history will be conducted to determine the root causes.  A personalized plan of action will be created with  recommendations on herbal medicine, supplements, mind body techniques homeopathy, food adjustments, stress reduction & lifestyle counseling.

Botanical Medicine

Herbal medicine is used to treat many conditions, such as allergies, asthma, eczema, premenstrual syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraine, menopausal symptoms, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, and cancer, among others.

Pictue of hormone testing - urinary salivia test and salivary hormone test

Hormone & Specialized Testing


Specialty lab tests, which delve beyond routine blood work and urinalysis, are vital tools we use  to navigating complex health conditions. These tests target niche areas — from genetic markers to hormones, helping tailor treatments to individual needs and play a key role in determining the "root cause" to chronic disease.  Specialty tests cater to specific diseases or are used when typical diagnostics fail to yield answers. The benefits of specialized testing are myriad; they can pinpoint disorders at a molecular level, guide precision naturopathic medicine recommendations, and sometimes detect disease long before symptoms appear. Think of specialty lab tests  as a window into the intricate workings of the human body,


Anxiety is a debilitating condition that is typically difficult to treat using medication alone.  It affects 1/3 of adults in the U.S

Unfortunately, root causes of anxiety are often overlooked or dismissed by mainstream medicine, and people who suffer are led

to believe that the symptoms they experience are a permanent, unalterable reality of their lives.  This is simply not true.
Anxiety presents differently for everyone which means a “one size fits all “approach isn’t enough to significantly reduce

symptoms and could lead to dependance on prescription drugs- with a long list of side effects. We will work to determine

the root cause to the anxiety and help you take back the control in your life.

Digestive Health

A common experience for people suffering with digestive issues - they leave their doctors appointment with more prescriptions than answers.

Unfortunately, the conventional medicine approach often neglects the core foundations of gastrointestinal health.  Even when conventional practitioners want to share nutritional advice, they simply do not have the time to educate patients well enough for them to make important adjustments to their lifestyle that would have major positive impacts on the body. 

The gut microbiome must also be addressed.  We know that up to 70% of IBS cases are linked to SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth).  Despite this, the diagnosis is often overlooked during conventional treatment.  SIBO can also contribute to symptoms including skin rashes, joint pain and nutrient deficiencies.

Leaky gut syndrome  is an often-overlooked condition that conventional medicine does not typically address. In the natural health world it is commonly known to be determined as  the” root cause” linked to many health conditions, including (PCOS, auto-immune, skin conditions, resistant weight loss, anxiety/ depression & all forms of arthritis).


Resistant weight loss Gut issues can make it extremely difficult to lose weight. Especially clients between the ages of 39-55.   The composition and diversity of gut microbiota influences weight loss ability- and body weight.  Any imbalances in the gut microbiome have been linked to metabolic disorders, insulin resistance, obesity and other health conditions. The imbalances can be caused by environmental toxins, chronic stress and an unhealthy diet.

My integrative and holistic approach works to support your digestive health from the ground up.   By making simple nutrition & lifestyle adjustments and using evidence based nutritional and botanical supplementation-we can work together to build the foundation for a healthy and functional digestive system.


When you give the body what it needs, it has the ability to heal itself.

Hormone Balance- Men & Women

Women typically experience unpleasant female health symptoms.

Hot flashes, PCOS, endometriosis, premenstrual syndrome, menopausal symptoms, mood swings.

Male s typically experience similar symptoms including:

Mood swings, hair loss,  low testosterone, low motivation, sudden weight loss, anxiety & depression.

The conventional medical approach to balancing hormones fails to address the underlying root causes of these issues-  Nutrition habits, exercise, stress and sleep all have a significant impact on your hormonal pathways but are rarely mentioned in conventional treatment protocols.

Most often, conventional medical practitioners tend to brush these concerns off as “normal” 

Our natural medicine and holistic approach will support your hormonal health from the ground up.  By adjusting lifestyle habits, addressing eating behaviors, and using evidence based nutritional and botanical supplementation, we will work together to build a strong foundation for a balanced and healthy hormonal state.


3 Month Change Your Life

Kathy- Lost 42 Pounds

344306268_799025707938838_3159321744694415344_n (1).png
Like many women, I’ve yo-yo’d most of my life in regards to my weight. Until now I thought I could “figure this out” on my own with the help of the internet. I finally decided to hire a nutritionist to give me the foundation I wish I had 40 years ago. In just one week, Lori has reinforced the knowledge I’ve been seeking and has supplied the tools to do it. Each week I work with her will just be layered knowledge. Although we have a set weekly meeting, Lori has been available outside that time to answer questions. I’m so excited to continue to work with Lori and I’m confident that I will obtain the knowledge to make this a lifetime way of life.

Coleen- Lost 31.4 Pounds
6 Week Transformation

Untitled design (20).png

Gay's Journey
Program - 6  Week Transformation
Lost 25 pounds

Untitled design (21).png

"For 2 years I struggled to lose weight. I tried everything! My doctor recommended talking to a dietitian…..but I found someone better! Lori told me to start eating more….WHAT!!!! Your body needs good fuel to run and I was not getting that with my extreme calorie deficit. She taught me how to eat and was with me every step of the way. She encouraged me when I was down and cheered with me in my victories! It didn’t happen overnight, I am down from 154 to 129
At only 4’11” 5 pounds can make a huge difference. Her program is NOT a diet. It is a new way of looking at food and a lifestyle! I could not have made this journey without her!"

- Gay M.

Kathy's Journey

            Lost 27 Pounds
       Program  10 Week Makeover

7E539E3E-A0E3-4DAA-ACB7-8347D487CF4A (1) (1).jpeg

"Seldom in the healthcare world do you find an individual of Lori's caliber!  Her competence, passion, and commitment to her client's success have been extraordinary! Lori designed a program for me that addressed not only my nutritional and weight loss concerns but also worked within the confines of my current medical issues.


Previous attempts to lose weight at the age of sixty-five have been a challenge and too often met with failure!  However, with Lori's continual support, literally 24/7, I lost over 27 lbs!  Indeed Lori Provided a step-by-step blueprint for not only changing the foods you eat but how you eat!  With her recommendations of nutritional foods, drinks/shakes, recipes, and even supplements, I was able to meet my goals. I highly recommend Lori. Her knowledge, patience, determination, and ultimate dedication to her client's success cannot be equaled." - Kathy G.

Julie's Journey

            Lost 40 Pounds
   Program  3 Month Change Your Life

Mission Statement

Dr. Lori Mahler’s mission is to equip & empower individuals to take charge of their own health and wellbeing by promoting natural healing methods, holistic nutrition, and weight loss counseling.  Dr Lori believes that the human body has the inherent ability to heal itself and her goal is to support the process through education, resources, and nature.   Dr Lori’s aim is to help people llive their best lives, free from pain and illness, and to enjoy lifelong weight management.  She wants to create a world where natural healing is the first choice for optimal health and wellness.

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