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Julie M.

Like many women, I’ve yo-yo’d most of my life in regards to my weight. Until now I thought I could “figure this out” on my own with the help of the internet. I finally decided to hire a nutritionist to give me the foundation I wish I had 40 years ago. In just one week, Lori has reinforced the knowledge I’ve been seeking and has supplied the tools to do it. Each week I work with her will just be layered knowledge. Although we have a set weekly meeting, Lori has been available outside that time to answer questions. I’m so excited to continue to work with Lori and I’m confident that I will obtain the knowledge to make this a lifetime way of life.

Gay M.

The first week working with Lori was a challenge. She completely changed the way I ate and what I ate. It was a struggle. But each time I reached out to her to question things or express my struggle, she was immediately there with answers and encouragement. After a week she asked if this was really the journey I wanted to continue….no pressure if not! But continue I did and what a reward. I’m feeling better than I have in a long time and the weight is falling off…not fast but steady. Best money I have ever spent!

Jamie M.

I have only been working with Lori for one week but so far, she exceeds expectations! She is very attentive, responsive and provides personalized information. I feel like she is helping me get on the right track and I highly recommend!

Jacqueline K.

I found Lori when i found out I had signs of a fatty liver and she completely helped me change my lifestyle and understand balance and importance of whole foods! She is always super helpful and responsive and helped me lose 20 pounds in about 2-3 months! If you want to build a healthy relationship with food while losing weight and focusing on your health goals… she’s your girl!! Loved working with her!

Kimberly A.

I can’t even begin to express how amazing it’s been so far working with Lori. We’ve set up a 7-week program together and already after the first week, I’m down almost 5 lbs and a majority of it is body fat. She’s always available to answer questions anytime and is quick to respond. Her specific step-by-step process for me has worked out in the best possible way. She’s also very knowledgeable and cares about my goals on a personal level. I already feel better and look better, and people have noticed. I’m so excited to see where we’ll be in the coming weeks.

Lena J.

I had the pleasure to communicate and be able to understand my body and what possibilities that I can apply to myself. Getting to know this awesome and positive person who really gave me the push I needed to outside the body that I’m learning to love. Thank you so much for your feedback and advice.

Francine S.

"I have been working with Lori for over a month, and I can honestly say, I have never felt better. I had severely struggled with digestion and intense cravings, but thanks to Lori and all her incredible wonders, I finally understood what habits I needed to adjust to help MY body. She helped me find root causes and treat that cause, not only the symptoms. Lori completely understands that each body acts and reacts differently, and I felt that she truly cared for my well-being. Lori highlights that this is a learning process and really wants to show and teach me, and she has truly helped me grow in all aspects of health: body, mind, and soul!

Kassandra K.

"Before I contacted Lori Mahler and Women’s Tru Health, I was very sick. I was struggling with eating more than once a day. Now that I have made a lifestyle change and switched my diet to organic and fresh foods multiple times throughout the day. I have gotten my energy back; a lot of my health issues are getting resolved because of this and I’ve lost weight. Although changing my lifestyle is a lot of work and it’s a commitment, it is worth it. Working with women’s Tru Health has changed my life for the better.

Jenny A.

"Lori has helped me take control of my weight after struggling for many years with the same 20 pounds that I always regain. I understand now how to eat with good nutrition and feel confident this time that I can keep it off. I would highly recommend that you go to Womens Tru Health if you have weight problems.

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