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6 Week 

By making simple nutrition adjustments, you can expect to lose weight, reset your metabolism, and learn how to use whole-food nutrition to manage and reverse your symptoms. This program supports all phases of diabetes.


Program Benefits

Stabilize blood sugar safely and consistently.

Improve bloodwork and A1C levels.

Discover your unique carb threshold that causes blood sugar spikes and weight gain.

Learn how to use whole-food nutrition to manage symptoms and lose weight

Program Features


& Gut Assessment

Assessment & Healing Recommendations

A comprehensive analysis of your medical background and a tailored regimen depending on your indicators and former A1C values.

Nutrition Plan & Education

Quick prep meals & recipes to stabilize blood sugar spikes.


Shopping List

Tailored grocery list tailored to your dietary preferences.

Diabetes Lifestyle Transition Guide

Detailed plan of action for newly diagnosed to ensure continued health and to slow the advancement of symptoms.

Carb Tolerance Assessment

Testing to determine the amount of carbohydrates you can consume before your blood sugar levels start spiking and you gain weight.

Support Check-Ins

Daily support via text and email including four check-in sessions via zoom or in-center appointment.

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